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April 03, 2023

Broken Shingles, 5 Steps to Fix Them

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No doubt, Broken Shingles can lead to serious roofing issues. The underlayment can be compromised whenever water can find its way beneath a shingle. The presence of moisture means water damage can lead to structural and foundational problems if not addressed.

Repairing broken shingles can be a DIY project, In addition, you’ll want to research the process beforehand if you’re unfamiliar. Following are five steps you should take when faced with broken shingles that will ensure the safety of you and your roof:

  1. Make sure the weather is good.

The task of climbing on top of your roof is already hazardous, but attempting to fix broken shingles at that height in foul weather is not just dangerous. It’s downright deadly. In windy conditions, you could slip and fall and suffer an injury.

You must follow roof safety guidelines when dealing with broken shingles or roofing issues. The weather plays a massive role in roof safety. If you plan to do so, you should tackle damaged shingles on a day with fair weather. It means no rain, snow, or other adverse weather conditions, a low wind speed, and some cloud coverage to prevent the shingles from becoming too hot.

2. Make sure you have all the materials and safety gear you need.

Changing a broken shingle is a relatively quick DIY project if you plan. Gather all the necessary materials and roofing safety equipment to prepare for the damaged shingle. Ensure you have suitable materials to prevent accidents when climbing on roofs.

To fix a broken shingle, you will need the following materials:

  1. There are three types of roofing nails for shingles: galvanized, stainless steel, and waterproof
  2. The sealant
  3. The Hammer
  4. The shingle ripper
  5. The drill
  6. The replacement of shingles
  7. Pry bars and pliers (optional for stubborn shingles)

Working on your roof requires the following safety gear:

  1. A pair of durable work gloves
  2. A couple of sturdy boots
  3. A high-quality ladder (follow ladder usage guidelines to avoid falls and injuries)

3. The Broken Shingle Must Be Removed

It’s now time to remove the broken shingle and begin repairing it. You can use your shingle ripper to remove the fractured shingles by sliding them under. When centered beneath the shingle, the blade of the shingle ripper should not be visible. By holding the shingle ripper to one side, you can feel the tool release one of the roofing nails holding the shingle. At this stage, you must hook one of the roofing nails with the ripper instead of four nails.

4. Taking off the old shingles

Start by hammering your ripper tool’s handle at the point where the blade meets the handle. Using this method, you will be able to remove the fasteners as well as broken pieces of the shingle with minimal effort. You don’t need to worry if the nail breaks. You will be installing new roofing nails when you replace the broken shingle.

Some shingles are difficult to remove. So, In this case, you can try rocking the ripper from side to side and using pliers to remove the nails. Alternatively to using pliers, you can apply force with a hammer to help remove the shingles.

5. We are putting on the new shingles and sealing them.

When you remove the broken shingle completely, you’ll have a gap in your roof. Subtract about half an inch from the measurement of the hole. A suitable opening should then be made for the shingles. In response to changing weather conditions, the shingle expands and contracts by half an inch. With a utility knife, you can break off wide shingles. If the shingle is not smooth, you should use a block plane or utility knife.

You should slip on the new shingle. Half an inch will be added to the end of the shingles. Next, hammer a shingle nail into the shingle’s side one inch deep. Use your hammer to drive the remaining roofing nails into the shingles’ surface. In addition to angling the nails, you can use them as anchors to help secure the shingle. Make sure you don’t hammer your shingles in too tightly.

Place a block of wood over the new replacement shingle and secure it with a screw. Shingles are protected from damage by this method. Water will not corrode the nails if you seal them with sealant.

Whenever you are in doubt, call a professional roofing contractor so if you’re new to fixing broken shingles or want to outsource the project. A shingle warranty may be available to you if you have recently replaced your roof. Your contractor will replace any broken ones. In addition, your roofing contractor will usually provide extra shingles if your roof needs to be replaced.

Your home can benefit from an upgrade by replacing its roof. Choosing the right option is a big decision. Let us help. Our innovative design and triple-layer protection will keep your roof healthy no matter what mother nature throws at it. Our installers are factory trained, experienced, and professional for a successful roof replacement. Contact Home4quote for a free quote.

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