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March 28, 2022

How To Protect Your Commercial Roof from Storm

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Is your commercial roof ready for the storm? As a leading provider of commercial roofing service, we can tell you that nothing damages and shortens the lifespan of roofs like storm. Unfortunately, each time it strikes, it catches a lot of homeowners unawares. That’s why your commercial roof should always be ready for storm.

Besides, prevention is always better, cheaper, and smarter than cure. Some tips may cost you some money, but it is nothing compared to what a storm can cost you if your roof isn’t fully prepared. Here are a few tips to get your roof prepared for storm.

  1. Get your roof inspected annually

As a commercial roofing service provider, one of our services is a comprehensive roof inspection. While inspecting the roofs of our customers, we have come across several roofs with weak flashing or shingles several times. And hadn’t been we detected the problems and fixed them before a storm, it would have run through those roofs like heat melting butter.

Unfortunately, some other homeowners were not that lucky. The storm exposed the weakness of their roofs. Here’s the worst part. If your roof gets damaged by the wind or storm, it won’t be a minor repair. In fact, it won’t be a repair issue. You’ll virtually replace your entire roof.

  • It should be installed by a pro

Some homeowner actually set themselves up for storm attack. Yes, they did. You’re wondering how? When you’re not a professional, but you decided to replace your roof by yourself after watching a couple of YouTube videos created by roofing neophytes like you, aren’t you already asking for trouble?

Instead of hiring an expert, you decided to handle things yourself to save some bucks. A storm could rip a multiple of the amount you saved out of you. Oftentimes, when a storm strikes, it is followed by the rain. After a storm has opened up your roof, the rain will flood your apartment. You don’t want to cope with mold and its health issues.

So, it is a good idea to get your commercial roof installed, repaired, inspected, or replaced by a specialist in commercial roofing service. Every dime you pay is worth it.

  • Secure the equipment on your roof

If you have solar panels, a HVAC unit, a satellite dish, or any other equipment on your roof, you might want to secure each of the equipment to prevent the storm from removing them. They could pull out along with a part of your roof, damaging that part of the roof.

So, it is better to inspect all your rooftop equipment and strap them more to prevent the storm from yanking them off your roof.

  • Clean up your roof

Stagnant water could weaken your roof. And what can stagnate the flow of water through the gutter and downspout is blockage. When dead leaves and other debris accumulate on your roof, they could block water from flowing freely. As explained above, stagnant water could weaken your roof or find its course in your apartment. This is why you should try to clean up your roof always.

  • Make necessary repairs

Any problem with your roof will make it susceptible to storm attack. That means if you are aware of any damaged area of your roof, try to fix it quickly. Besides, a stitch in time saves nine. This is applicable to the problem with your roof. It will get worse with time. And the cost of fixing the roof will also increase as the problem gets worse. In other words, fix all the issues with your roof and fix them fast.

For more information about protecting your roof from storm, or for commercial roofing service, contact us immediately.

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